Monday, 29 March 2010

Pineapple Dance Studio

Monday nights are worth staying in for if you watch Sky 2 at 9pm and the Pineapple Dance Studio. I came across it by chance a few weeks ago and we are now hooked. If you are having a bad day give it a go because Louie Spence (who to my mind is the star of the show) will brighten your day. This guy who is camper than a row of tents and has more energy than Southern Electric will immediately bring a smile to your face with his antics. The other week when he was pretending to be tough and straight in front of the builders working at the studio was priceless!

If you get a chance give it a go and keep your eye out for "triple threat" Andrew Stone!

PS I think triple threat meant he could; dance, sing and bullshit!

Saturday, 27 March 2010


Who knows what or who The Saturdays are? On the odd occasion I flick through a ladies magazine there is always the usual line up of 'celebs' on a night out. It will be the usual; Lilly Allen, Fearne Cotton, Holly Willoughby etc... and one of The Saturdays. I know its one of The Saturdays as it always says so after their name eg: Frankie from The Saturdays. Are these women celebrities and if they are who knows as you always have to be told who they are!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Greg or John?

I love Masterchef but am never sure which one is Greg and which one is John!

Greg or John was getting very excited about a meal this week which in part was a liquid pea ravioli. He loved the way it was cooked but he wanted more pea "I want to taste more of your pea!".

Me? I nearly pea'd myself!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Guilty Secret!

Think sun, think food, think sleepover, think bitching, think House Guest in the Sun and you are thinking of my new guilty secret.

I'd have loved to have been in the meeting where this one was pitched probably something along the lines of;

"I've been looking at the latest figures of what is hot on TV ATM* and here's what I've got. Holidays, cooking, reality, cringe worthy and voyeuristic! How do we fit all of these things into a one hour show that will run 5 days a week you are dieing to ask? Well I'll tell you, House Guest in the Sun! Every week we''ll go to a holiday destination and get 5 ex-pats to dine in each others house and mark each other on the event. At the end of the week the winner gets a cash prize!

"Channel 4 do this and it's called Come Dine With Me!"

"Not in the sun!"

"Do they eat in the sun?"

"No, but they have sun!"

"Then it's Come Dine With Me in the Sun!"

"No, because their partner helps with the entertaining!"

"Then it's Come Dine With Me and my Partner in the Sun!"

"No, because the person who picks a giant toothbrush out of a giant cup spends the night!"


(*ATM = at the moment, and is how I pressume this person would speak.)